The Pumpkin Roll Factory

In an effort to earn and save as much money as I can before June I’ve started a few small businesses on the side. The first of which is our yearly pumpkin roll factory. The past few years we have sold homemade pumpkin rolls and this year my fellow bakers (my sister and grandma) agreed […]

One Peice At A Time

Since I decided to embark on this life changing adventure I have been inching my way closer to Europe one piece at a time! I have ordered a number of books as well as became a member of REI (an extreme sporting store) where I have purchased most of my equipment as well as attended […]

El Camino de Santiago

The El Camino de Santiago translated as, The Way of Saint James,  is the heart on my European adventure. The El Camino, for anyone who is not familiar, is a network of trails all across Spain and other parts of Europe all leading to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. The tradition of taking a pilgrimage to […]